After having a lot of success in a sales and marketing, I got to a point where I thought I had what I wanted. The boxes seemed ticked, but yet I was feeling like there was something missing.

This started me out on a search, for more meaning and more fulfillment in life, and to discover the missing piece, whatever that actually was.

I had no idea what I was looking for, but I knew there was something I was seeking but simply not understanding yet. I was struggling with this change in my life, “the void” as my dad used to call it. Nothing seemed to fit any more. Finally I decided to ask some big questions. And the biggest of them all at the time was “do I want what I am currently aiming for?”. I realized I didn’t.However, I had such set ideas of how life was supposed to go that I was finding it almost impossible to let old ways go, and let some new light in. Eventually though…,I did let them go.

I decided to trust my feelings, and see where they would lead me. I started to understand that my current way of thinking was not bringing me any results that felt any good, so maybe there was another side of me that knew the way. I started to coach myself, but not just by following blindly what I was reading. Instead I was trusting what I was feeling, and committing to wherever that was leading me.

Life started to have a sense of adventure once again. I was growing as a person, traveling to new places gaining new experiences, meeting new cultures and learning new skills. I was developing this time in ways that felt in harmony with who I was, and life felt right again.

I found a balance that worked for me. I understood what I really cared about and wanted to have in my life, and I realized that by listening to that, I could then set about creating it and living it.

Most of all, I was gaining the perspective I needed, that life is not to be put in a box and neatly tucked away. Life is here to be lived and to be enjoyed.

Now this is the work I do with people. Helping people re connect with a larger sense of life and who they are. Getting to know our values and what we really care about, and learning to create a fulfilling life from that perspective. And if there is anything I am learning from this work, it is that our desires and values are constantly changing and evolving along with us. They will never be put in a box that says “ I’m done”.

It is really the work of change, and learning to embrace it, as the only constant there is in life. I still catch myself sometimes, trying to make things fit back in a box again. Luckily life just seems to laugh at my efforts and finds any way to remind me to let go again and embrace the new adventure that is on the way.