A new year and some new goals to aim for. But how do you stay on track, and stay motivated, when those hopes and dreams are still just in the ether and not right in front of us?
So a new year rolled along and after an amazing trip away I had some bright and shiny new goals to aim for. And now the month is almost over and Im looking at my goal and thinking “what happened”. Life got in the way, work took over, day to day things needed to get done, and new projects were taking my attention. But where was the vision? It had already faded into the background, and become a slightly hazy blur. So now what to do?


Very often we have a vision of an ideal life we want or some new project to take on. It can have all our attention at the start, but very quickly our priorities go back to day to day life, and what that brings. Simple things can get in the way, and the dream or goal gets pushed aside.

Make the vision a priority. Put it top of the list if that is what is needed. Otherwise it will simply not have the room it needs to breath and start to take shape in your life. By putting your vision as a priority, you are giving it the space it needs in your life. Day to day life must still be tended to, but now you have a focus with your vision or goal always in mind. That way the vision will be present in your mind, and action that is relevant towards making it real can become apparent to you, and then followed through.


So at some point in the day, set aside time to work on the vision. Call it a vision or goal workshop. And it is simply time put aside, without interruptions, where you focus on your goal. This time is used in any way that you feel fit. It can be gathering information, doing research, making calls, whatever feels relevant for you. By doing this you are making the vision real again, making it active in your life, and giving it time and energy that it needs in order to grow and start to take shape.

Manage the Stumbling blocks

One of the best things that coaching has taught me is to manage my own stumbling blocks. So if I need 20 mins each day to work on something without interruptions, I ask myself “what can potentially stop that from happening? “It could be clients, it could be a relationship, it could be family. This has to be managed. People may have to be told that for the next 20 mins I wont be contactable, or able to engage. But by managing those stumbling blocks, it becomes possible to set aside time needed to work on a vision without any interruptions.


So we can manage other people as stumbling blocks. What about ourselves? One of the main stumbling blocks we can all face is procrastination. I can be sure I am going to focus with intent on a new goal, only to find myself intently focused on facebook or instagram within two seconds. Or suddenly realizing I have a need of another coffee, or to check e mail and so on and so on. Unless I make a full commitment to do a task without giving in to procrastination, I will very often get distracted, and give time to things that have absolutely no input into my goal. So the only way I have found of dealing with procrastination so far, is self discipline. Damn it.

Make a commitment to your goal, and yourself, and if it is important to achieve it, then give the goal the respect it deserves. Know the tendencies to procrastinate, and the urge will come up, but when it does, decide to choose not to listen to it, and instead, maintain your commitment to your goal. This is still a skill that I am learning. Very often I find myself thinking I have totally committed, but realizing I am already in the kitchen brewing another coffee saying “ how did this happen?” . Ah yes, I must have something important to work on, so lets avoid that!! But the more I pay attention to it, and grow my level of self discipline, I notice that it pays off. Work becomes more focused, I have more time for things I need to work on, and also more time in the day for things that are just pure fun. All the time that would have been wasted, can now go towards something else, so the day becomes fuller and more satisfying. So self discipline in some way is actually showing to be more ….fun!? Its still hard to get my head around that, even though it seems to be true!

And lastly…Go back to the start every once in a while.
Go back to the beginning of the goal every once in a while, whenever you feel you need it. Remember why you are working for this, and why you want it to happen in your life. How will it add to your life. Make it colourful, but most of all make it strong, and make it compelling. Often when we are creating something for the first time, it is pushing us out of our comfort zone.

Our minds will do whatever they can to take us off track, so things stay the same. Our egos hate change and fear it. But one of the best teachings I have learned from coaching, is that, if you make a vision compelling enough, so that you can feel it pulling you forward, you will be able to overcome any fears you have to face along the way. It will be your compelling vision that brings you across the line. Time and time again I have found this to be true, in all areas of my life. So if a goal or vision loses its sheen, and feels like it has dimmed,I go back in, re visit, and breathe new life into it again. Do it so it starts to feel real again, and you feel the connection to it inside. Fears will come up, they always do, but now your vision will have a voice that will speak louder than your fears. Then you will be back on track, and on the way to making your vision a reality in a very short space of time.

Next up…Action in Alignment!