Life coaching helps each of us to design a Life that reflects our True Nature.

Often we live our lives according to what we thought was expected of us, from society, our parents and peers, and even ourselves. Sometimes this leads to a life where “the boxes” may have been ticked, yet there can be a sense of loss or of “is this all there is”. This can happen when we are living out of alignment with our values and our true nature.

With Life Coaching you learn to tap into who you really are, and what you care about in life. You discover the values and beliefs that make you unique, and from that you can design a way of life that feels right and fulfilling for you.

Life Coaching can be broken down simply as:

Getting Clear upon what you truly want to improve in life

Identifying & dealing with fears and limiting beliefs

Designing a practical and realistic plan of achieving what you want

Being committed and accountable to your plan

Coaching tackles the fears and limiting beliefs that can hinder progress, while at the same time, helping you discover the support you need in order to make lasting positive change.

How can coaching help me?

Coaching is particularly successful in these areas

  • To find clarity and direction around what you want to do in life
  • If you are feeling stuck and want to move forward
  • When life has lost its spark
  • When you want to know what will really start to work for you when other things have failed
  • Wanting to find a career that is fulfilling
  • Wanting to find a fulfilling relationship
  • When you want life to be an adventure again

Who should use Life Coaching?

  • Anyone who wants to move forward in their life and is willing to make the changes that are necessary.
  • Coaching will work for anyone who is ready for it and willing to commit to it. It is an active process, often requiring work in and out of sessions.
  • Coaching requires a high level of commitment and willingness to change, (repetition from above!!!)

When is coaching not suitable?

Anyone looking for issues better suited to counseling such as addiction or trauma, or issues needing healing in the past. Coaching takes place in the present, to design a way of life that is satisfying and fulfilling, and does not deal with past trauma or healing.

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